Leo Adole- The Wiz Kid Behind Gumsu Abacha’s Blog is Making Politicians Uncomfortable

Fear has gripped Social Media wolves in Northern Nigeria’s political establishment and its all because of Gumsu Sani Abacha- the tech savvy General’s daughter who doesn’t shy away from interacting with the less fortunate brethren. For all her troubles, Gumsu has become the most famous of the Abacha’s with thousands of followers all waiting to share, like and repost her posts.

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Gumsu Abacha” Samaila sani who runs APC’s social media campaign in Kano’s Nassarawa Local Government said. “She is an Abacha, and a lady and she is not afraid to flex those muscles, all these give her an edge over us”.

Leo Adole, the techy guy who reportedly run’s Gumsu’s blog

Samaila’s nightmare will be when, if she decides to use her social media capital in the campaign of her brother Muhammad, who is widely expected to be vying for Kano’s gubernatorial seat in 2019.

“No amount of shares at Kowanne Gauta or Sirrin Siyasa can compare to her outreach” he told me, and its true. Facebook’s stats alone shows that she gets more shares and reshares than even Muhammadu Buhari- Nigeria’s popular president.

But fortunately for Samaila and his ruling party the APC, its become difficult to predict what Gumsu Abacha is after. From all indications, her blogging career is the brain child of a Leo Adole, a relatively obscure Nigerian from the south who might actually be looking for web clicks. But Gumsu has proven her smarts, and she has proven that she isn’t apolitical. She famously took on Wole Soyinka – the demigod of the South West and tore the literature Prof to shreds in a war of words.

She has never shied away from celebrating her late father, someone still idolized by the Kanawa. If anything, Samaila is right to be afraid of Gumsu. The General’s daughter certainly has her eyes on a big prize



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