Maimalari was slated for assassination – Emma Nwobosi

Emma Nwobosi a dismissed col in the Nigerian Army took part in the coup of Jan 1966 that saw the brutal assassination of innocent men, women and children. He was part of the KiriKiri detainees whose lives were saved by Joseph Garba after the July counter coup.

It has been an open question whether Birg Maimalari, Kur Muhammad and other were slated for the brutal assassination which befell them in Jan’66. Madiebo and other apologists have long tried to pin the blame for the killings on a wary Emmanuel Ifeajuna who supposedly went rogue. But Nwobosi, one of the architects of the coup from inception in Kaduna has admitted in an interview that Maimalari and the Lt Cols were all slated for assasination.

When asked “So people like Ironsi, Largeman, Maimalari were supposed to be eliminated? an unrepentent Nwobosi replied “Of course”
He also admitted that Ojukwu as long speculated had a neurotic tendency
“Ojukwu I believe joined the army for a purpose; he wanted to be great or to be known. Whether this Biafran situation gave him an opportunity for that, I cannot say for certain. Ojukwu was eccentric in a number of ways. He would not want to stay in a place and be ignored but whether he went into Biafra as a project to make himself great that I don’t know.” he said

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