Mambila Masacre-118 Killed 292 wounded

The death toll from the Mambila massacre has risen to 118, while 292 peope have been injured. The fulani socio cultural association Zonne Fulbe revealed this.

118 Fulanis killed. Some bodies lying not attended 292 wounded . 3116 cows marcheted lying in different locations. 5218 cows looted by mambillas. 312 settlements’ destroyed. 3214 refugees scarted. But uptil now killings ,destructions and other criminal activities still going on in some parts of Mbanmga constituency.

The statement read.

Mambilla, a beatifull plateau that sits on Nigeria’s border with cameroun has become the sight of Nigeria’s lates massacre. The Army has blamed politicians, accusing them of inflaming the crisis, while numerous fulani organisations have been calling for the resignation of the local council and Taraba governor.


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