Mamman Nur is at Lake Chad and Albarnawai is Near Magumeri, So why wont the NA get them?

Abdulqadir Abubakar, the former intelligence chief of the terror group Bokoharam was captured by the Army in june of 2017 after a botched attack on Bun Yadi. speaking to journalists, the terror kingpin attributed the divisions within bokohara to the “injustices of shekau”. But even more importantly, he told reporters that the leaders of two of the three terror factions are all in Nigeria

“Mamman Nur, Albarnawi, Man Chari, Abbor Minok and Abba Albarnawi including myself deserted him and form our own factional groups. Mamman Nur moved to the shores of Chad while Albarnawi and Abbah (Last born of Muhammad Yusuf) remained at the shores of Magumeri”

So why wont the Army, which obviously has this information act on it and put an end to the terror group[ once and for all? Magumeri which is deep inside Nigeria was recently attacked by a faction of the terrorists, adding further credence to Abubakar’s claim.

Well, Nigeria’s effort against Bokoharam has become a black box of eternal misery. Since the celebrated fall of Sambisa, the Army has been deadlocked in a sort of trench warfare that resembles the no man’s land of WWI. Unable to move forward, Nigerians, especially Northerners are beginning to get accustomed to the reality that if something isn’t done, we might be seeing a conflict without end, the sort of 4 decade conflicts that has become the reality of many african civil wars.

But do we have to tolerate this situation? the answer is no! The Nigerian Army was in a worse of state when the Jonathan Administration hired mercenaries to do what our army could not. In four weeks, south african merceneries pushed back bokoharam, retaking more than a hundred towns and villages and allowed for a relatively peaceful conduct of the 2015 general elections. But someone in Buhari’s govt is obviously overstating the competence of our commanders and foot soldiers in doing the job. Why wont we use the same merceneries to rid ourselves off the Bokoharam menace and the focus of rebuilding our Army? Or better still, why won’t inject bolder minds into our ranks and maybe witness another “tail wind” that can restore the pride of our soldiers in the field? Buhari needs to consider bold steps


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