Monopoly over Tragedy- Whats Wrong with the Linda Kalu’s Pro Biafran Video

The video of an Igbo girl Linda Kalu who claimed to be from Tudun Maliki Kano has been trending on Facebook.

In the video, Ms Kalu made a case for the Biafran cause citing the 2000s riots that saw a number of lives lost and businesses destroyed. She claimed that it was the suffering her family went through that convinced her to support the Biafran struggle saying

“we don’t have anything common with these people”

Not to diminish her suffering or the tragedy she went through, but she contradicted herself when she claimed a good Hausa man saved her.

Monopoly Over Tragedy

When most South Easterners speak for Biafra, they seem to forget that other Nigerians also went through the same if not worse shitty experience in the south-east. They were denied apartments for being Hausa, had their businesses seized by the state for being hausa, denied admission at universities for being Northerners and lynched by Ipob for being “foreigners”

Biafranism seems to forget that Northerners also suffered from state orchestrated pogroms in the South East. They construct a narrative of exclusive Eastern suffering and amplify it for propaganda purposes. Any honest discussion must take into account the same suffering that Northerners went through in the East, only then can people like Linda begin to find closure.

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