Muslim Women in Focus I: Queen Rania of Jordan

-Gimba Kakanda

Rania Al-Yassin is the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, a monarch in a country that’s about 96% Muslim. Why this is even amusing is, Abdullah II is an Hashemite Arab, what you probably know as Banu Hasheem, a descendant of the Prophet of Islam, in fact he’s recognized as “a 41st direct descendant of the Prophet of Islam.” Queen Rania here exhibits her personal choices in occupying this sensitive position without having herself wrapped as you may wish. It’s nobody’s choice, just as Aisha’s isn’t ours. Coincidentally, like Aisha, Rania was a banker, a former staff of CitiBank and she has, many times – wait for it – been ranked among the most influential Muslims in the world in recognition of “her advocacy work related to education, health, community empowerment, youth, cross-cultural dialogue and micro-finance.” A little caveat, though. If you think you can mess with her, her husband was recognized as the most influential Muslim in the world last year (and second this year), ahead of the kings of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and even the Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque. That’s not the caveat. The caveat is, the husband is a fighter jet pilot and even recently led a combat against ISIS, and I’m pretty sure that rage won’t be disabled when you attempt to import your extremism into his wife’s choices of what to wear. You’re welcome.

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