Nafisa Abdullahi like you’ve never seen her! Vixen Stuns in New Pics as she Declares – Stopping Kano Film Village wont stop us

Kannywood’s vixen Nafisa Abdullahi has finally out done her peers, she released a set provocative pictures couplled with a warning to all those vying against the proposed Kano Film Village – “We Won’t Stop”

Below is her full statement :

 Attention: With or without #filmvillage
We’ll keep making Movies,,we’ve come this far without it and Koda our Northerners basa ganin effort dinmu we’re still doing it and we’ll keep doing it.

I think the entire film Industry needs to relax,if a film village isn’t built today,it’s gonna be built tomorrow,and we all know that we don’t give up that easily so let the people who are insulting or criticizing keep doing and saying what they want…NOT HVING A FILM VILLAGE wont stop us from doing what we do,that’s if u believe Haka ne.

And lastly If anyone ah Cikin #MAZANINDUSTRY Has an issue with us #MATANINDUSTRY, they should deal with their problems separately and not try to hide behind this film village thing and insult us?? kowa has d right to do what ever they want with their life and time,Just remember that.

I rest my case???


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