Naij Takes Over as Nigerian Hausa News Leader

The Hausa Language outfit of has taken over as the most visited Nigerian Hausa News website (indigenous to Nigeria).

Naij took over from Rariya which had held on to the mantle for a whooping 4 years. Competition has heated up the Hausa media market of Nigeria, ever since the visit of Mark Zuckeberg to Lagos, who reports say intimated southern media barons of the huge Hausa langauge market that has eluded them.

Naij Hausa takes over from Rariya

However, according the Knottedpost Stats, BBC Hausa still remains the maiden of  Hausa news media with more followers than any other Hausa media outfit in the world.

Our sister organisation Knottedpst Hausa comes a distant 4th, after VOA Hausa and RFI, these foreign media sites still dominate the hausa media scene with more than 80% of visitors preferring them over local African sites


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