NHIS Boss suspended after calling for decentralisation from Lagos

Its difficult to know for certain why or how Usman Yusuf, the NHIS chief was suspeneded and although the official line says he spen N292 Million on health care training “without recourse to any appropriate approving authority.” Some have pointed an accusing finger at the Lagos Cabal who are afraid of the decentralisation reforms he’d initiated at the NHIS.

“he asserted clearly how all Health Management Organizations known as HMOs have continued to collect billions of Naira with expired License. He pointed out that 98% of the HMOs are in Lagos. He suggested that HMOs must be decentralised across the regions for effectiveness. He announced plans for accreditation and registration for all HMOs” I G wala of CATBAN claimed.

Wala also claimed that a number of bank execs who’d colluded with HMOs to siphon off money from the scheme were getting unwary as Hassan was launching an investigation into their activities. Hassan took over as head of NHIS in Sept 2016

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