Nigeria’s Unity is Not Non Negotiable- Kperogi takes an Unpopular stance

Well we somehow knew it was a matter of time!

Farouq Kperogi just had to send one of those daring messages that’ll send his kperogists torching whats left of our sanity on Facebook.

Remarkably, this time around, professor Kperogi is right. while there are cultural and historic ties between the different constituents of the federation, it will be naive to think that these ties are enough to keep Nigeria together.

In a subtle way, Kperogi’s attempt at reminding Nigerians of the blood ties that bound them even before Empire reminds one of those last-ditch efforts of an english romantic. There’s almost a nihilistic tragedy to the history of  unity he preached.

If you go to Kano, for instance, you will see entire neighborhoods that are peopled by men and women whose ancestral roots are located in Yoruba land. Gwammaja is one such neighborhood. Ayagi is another.

This is not to talk of the vibrant pre-colonial inter-ethnic relations between such northern minorities as Igalas, Tivs, Idomas, etc. and Igbos. To this day, Igalas and Idomas have councilors in some Igbo states, and there are “indigenous” Igbos in Benue State.

A lot of people are often shocked to find out that Joseph Wayas, Nigeria’s Second Republic Senate President from Cross River State, is “Tiv.” He comes from a part of Cross River State called Obanliku (the location of the famous Obudu Cattle Ranch) where people speak Tiv but call it by a different name. And the man was made Senate President on the basis of his being a Southerner.

Interestingly, during the still-born Third Republic, Iyiorcha Ayu, another Tiv man, became Senate President because he was supposed to be from the North!

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