Nnamdi Kanu threatened to kill a Nigerian President and nothing happened

Its difficult to understand Nigeria’s federal government, from the mass murder o shiite worshippers to flaunting court orders, to disregarding clearly spelt out laws and now turning a blind eye to one of the most visible and pronounced secessionist movement since 1970.

“I remember Obasanjo calling us names. They said we must eliminate Kanu and for those words coming out from his mouth, he is going to die,” Mr. Kanu declared.

“I told Obasanjo that I have given instructions to IPOB should anything happen to me. Everything that comes from Obasanjo’s lineage will die the same day at the same time. It is a standing instruction to IPOB.

“Wherever they are, we will kill them ourselves at the same time, the same day, 12 noon, wherever we find them all over the world. I am not like anything they have seen before,” Nnamdi declared.

In days gone by, Nnamdi would have been in the net of justice for threatening an ordinary Nigeria talk less of a former commander-in-chief. The third class thug threatened to wipe out the lineage of a war hero, flaunted his bail conditions and even confessed to flaunting his bail conditions and their wasn’t so much as a reprieve.

Yet, someone in Buhari’s government thinks the Kaduna Declaration was uncalled for?

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