Northern Groups Call for Biafran Succession

The Coalition of Northern Groups have in a press conference just minutes ago has called for a referendum to determine the fate of South Eastern Nigeria and other self determination seeking areas within the Nigerian federation. “This is because the overwhelming majority of Igbos support the call for Biafra”

In a press conference that was attended by Senators, Members of the Northern Elders Forum and Governors, the Northern youth groups declared  “Never again will the rights of the Northerner be trampled upon”

The youth called on the senate to order “Senators who stood for Nnamdi Kanu should rescind their sureties or loose seat” and for  reforms that will “define future succession agitation as hate speech”

They also called for the “Closure of open drug markets in Northern Nigeria and the immediate implementation of national drug policy”

In a statement that seemed to reference the recent suspension of the NHIS DG, they called for the revue of the National Health Insurance Policy.

In a reply to the statement, Gov Kashim Shetimma of Bornu said they attended the press conference to stall a possible breakdown of violence as a result of the Kaduna Declaration.

“Only two million syrians knocking on the doors of Europe were responsible for the emergence of Trump and Brexit, I dare say if 30 million english speaking Nigerians should do the same, we wold witness a world war”

Governor Shettmma praised the MD of peace airline for working to reconcile IPOB and CNG. Peace airline had stalled a major expansion into Northern Nigeria in fear of the possible breakup of the federation.




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