Northern Nigeria is being punished for Nigeria’s Unity

-Dikko Muhammad

The North is punished for Nigeria’s unity. When an Igbo lady was killed in Kano for blasphemy, six Northern Governors went to Imo to condole the family of the woman. Reparation was paid by the Kano State Government to the deceased family. Almost all the papers in the country carried the story. . When Nnamdi Kanu was raining insults on President Buhari, on Northerners, and declaring war against the State, the S/East Governors and Ohaeneze all pretended he was speaking Latin or Sanskrit. BUT when the Kaduna Declaration came, condemnations were from all sides. Quickly, the Federal Government realised there is Hate Speech in the land. . Since the renewed agitation of secession by IPOB, Northerners were serially attacked by the savage followers of Nnamdi Kanu in the S/East. No single comment condemning the act from any Governor in that region. . The Nigerian Press censors any reporting of these attacks. Understandably, the people killed are Northerners- Second Class Citizens! . The Northern Governors Forum is too busy preaching unity to see the disturbing, thoughtless and savage attacks of their people in the S/East. . As it is today, the blood of innocent people from the North is spilled every day just because some people in Abuja have said the country’s unity i non-negotiable. The lives of Aboki have become the sacrificial lamb to appease secessionist. . When I think of Nigeria’s level of hypocrisy… . Silence is the ultimate consent in terrorist attacks like this one in S/Ea

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