NTRW endorses the Kaduna Declaration

Calls for the desolution of Nigeria’s federal super structure continue to gain momentum even as the VP and other Northern politicians have been calls for restraint.

The Northern Transparency and Rights Watch is the latest Youth NGO to back these calls. Its leadership in a press statement in Kaduna endorsed the Kaduna Declaration which called for the establishment of Biafra:

We have dispassionately observed the situation in the country and the development that followed the incessant agitation for the formation of the Biafran nation and attendant reactions across the country after which we have resolved to come up with the following position.
1. It is no longer in doubt that the manner in which the Biafran agitation is being pursuit has been anything but democratic; it has degenerated from civil agitation to direct threats to national integration and peaceful coexistence.
2. As a consequence of the continued Igbo threat in the name of agitation for Biafra, and the obvious complicity of all their leaders, other people from other regions were naturally compelled to react in various ways.
3. Chief among these is the Kaduna Declaration by which a coalition of Northern groups warned the Biafrans to desist or quit the region within 30 days.
4. While the wordings in the statement were strong, we however see it as a mere expression borne out of frustration with the irritating Igbo threats.
5. We therefore categorically endorse the Kaduna Declaration to the extent that it remains nonviolent as it explicitly stated.
6. We also find the approach of the federal government, the security agencies and some northern leaders and elders quite commendable while we condemn the tacit support of Igbo leaders and elders for the violent Biafran agitation.
7. We also find the spontaneous reaction of some northern politicians unnecessarily provoking, condemnable and counter productive, especially the unnecessary stance of the Kaduna Governor elrufai who is reliably believed to be planning to deploy unconventional means against the Northern coalition.
8. We reliability gathered that the governor along with his political adviser are planning to unleash thugs to terrorize leaders of the northern coalition and the northern leaders that back them after failing to get the federal security to act out of order. We condemn this move and state that the governor and his political adviser should be held responsible for any negative consequences of this move.
9. While we reiterate our support for the Kaduna Declaration, and the initiative of the Acting President, we urge northerners to remain calm and peaceful in the spirit of their moral teachings.
10. We finally totally condemn the provocative response of the Biafran agitators to the peaceful and democratic approach of the Acting President. We find their response repugnant, disrespectful and disloyal to the Nigerian state.


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