Oh Now that She’s going to LA? Ali Nuhu Makes ‘U’ Turn on Rahama

We could hear the cringing sound of brakes!

So now that Akon has invited Raham Sadau to LA and now that she’s by far the most popular face from Kannywood her erstwhile mentor Ali Nuhu has made an unapologetic and some would say shameful about turn.

Ali had previously said her expulsion was “logical” and that there was no double standard- seeing as the modesty code was enacted long after his male friends had done all their kissing and smooching¬† in Nolywood. But yesterday the actor in an interview with channels TV said it was unfair to expel Rahama:

“I think that her expulsion is too rigid. If it was like giving her a warning or placing her on suspension, I can understand but expelling someone from her profession, I don’t think its fair. I have spoken to some Excos of Kannywood. I think they are going to reconsider it”

he said!

Men…. Guys need to get that old Northern sense of shame back!


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