Oh Oh! Gumsu Sani Abacha Has Launched A Blog

The Sagese is taking on Linda Ikeji!

Our most tech savy Abacha, Gumsu has embraced her inner geek and launched a blog in her name gumsuabacha.com . Not so flashy or kinky, the average person used to Linda or laila would probably underestimate it, but they’d be wrong. When Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija and other southern blogs couldn’t get the inner scoop on the recent Halima Babangida wedding, they went to Gumsu’s Instagram wall. With her access and persona, Gumsu has already established her presence to such an extent that visiting her social media pages has become a daily ritual for anyone who wants an insider take on the life of those super elites chronicled in Sons of the Caliphate.

So what happens if Gumsu decides to become even a little stingy and starts watermarking those pictures or sharing them exclusively on her site? Linda and her Lagos friends would once again be the hand-me-downs they were in the 2000s. Lucky for them Gumsu is known for her generosity, friends say she hardly bothers with copyright and the site might actually lean more political than gossip, maybe in the hopes that it will have enough following to aid her brother’s 2019 governorship bid. Time will tell


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