Once Again- Borno Moves Capital City

Ancient borno is keeping up to tradition in more than a few ways. Yesterday, like his ancestors from long ago, Kashim Shetima moved his  capital city to the ruined city of Bama- officially, its to oversee the reconstruction efforts but unofficially, we hear there are some buried skeletons that need a bit of spiritual music- if you know what I mean!

Bama is an ancient city that boasts of traditions going back to old Kanem. Its Shehu traces his roots more than a thousand years to when the Mais ruled this part of the Africa from the dunes near Tripoli to the mountains in Taraba. But today its a little more than a ghost town, reduced to rubble by a 6 months reign of tyranny when Boko Haram seized it, we will just have to see how Shettima plans to restore the jewel back to glory:

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