Police, Selfies and Namdi Kanu

-Jeremiah Haruna Kalto

Pictures making rounds showing Nigeria’s security agents taking selfies with the unapologetic secessionist Namdi Kanu should not be surprising, but they are no less disturbing. ¬†They hint at a truth we would rather forget, that Nigeria has become so dysfunctional that even the people hired to protect state instruments are willing to cohabit with the enemy.

Believe it or not, the support for biafra has cut across all sections of the south east. And believe or not, any attempt at restructuring, at least the sort of restructuring being called for by the South East and South West , will leave the North at such a disadvantage that we would rather secede from Nigeria altogether. And finally, believe it or not, that restructuring is very much coming. All these point to a dark reality many Northerners are stubbornly trying to ignore, Nigeria’s disintegration is very likely possibility.

This dark truth might not be so frightening if we had our institutions from the 60s, but we don’t. If we didn’t have Izala, BokoHaram, rogue Pentecostals and all the other extremists groups eating at our fabric, but we do. We must stop expanding resources on doomed causes and look to finding viable solutions that will help us in the event that the inevitable does come.



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