Rahman Sadau and Ali Artwork- Things Cozy Again [Pics]

Do you remember the chap from the WhiteHouse Family went ballistic on Adam Zango after that fiasco with Rahma Sadau?

Well, it Ali Artwork, the digital Edidor of most of Zango’s Movies. ArtWork was reportedly arrested and his parents harassed after Ali Nuhu went down the ring with him. But it appears all is now Cozy between Artwork and Rahma Sadau, and Lady R has been making quite an effort to let the world know about this new found peace. Take a look at some of the pics she shared

sadau n art work2
Ali Art Work ‘purportedly’ sharing a selfie with Rahma after paying her a visit at her Kaduna beauty parlor
sadau n art work
On the Set of Hangen Nessa, A Movie by Nazifi Asnanic
Ali Artwork, recently won the best Editor category of the Kannywood-MTN Awards. Artwork had been at loggerheads with the FKD chaps

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