Rawa Sai Goggo- Kwankwasiyya Take A Swipe At Kano’s First Lady

2019 is at the corner and Kano is heating up.

Some folks in the Kwankwasiyya movement are breaking with tradition by launching a barrage of media assaults against the conservative government of Abdullahi Ganduje.

The video poked fun at Kano’s first lady

After releasing a viral music video Kudinku yana Round About, the same anonymous team has released a video Ga Gaggo tana Rawa.

Goggo being the nick name of the Kano’s first lady who had long been accused of interfering in state affairs, a charge she and her husband had always denied.

so far, both viral videos have understandably remained anonymous, the APC government in Nigeria has proven one of the most totalitarian in Nigeria’s democratic history. Bloggers and commentators have been arrested for doing less.


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