Realignment in Kaduna – The Odds Against Nasiru El Rufai

From calling for the arrest of Northern youths to alianating the Barons that once held the old capital of Northern Nigeria, one can make a few comfortable deductions, chiefly, that Mal Nasiru El Rufai has no intention of seeking a second term as governor.

In a string of events, the self procalimed progressive governor has been spending his political capital to the benefit of his arch enemy, Senator Shehu Sani. But even for Mal Nasiru, giving up the perks of Sir Kashim House without so much as a fight might be too saintly to be true. Mal Nasiru’s penchant for taking political risks is now legendary, perhaps he sees the support of Buhari, something he is most likely to have, as a one way ticket to victory.


But the Kaduna that elected the Governor under SAK in 2015 is not the Kaduna of today. recession ravaged Arewa has been forced to look at its more uncomfportable sides lately. Buharism, for all its populism has turned pout to be the greatest incarnation of weatern liberal capitalism since the Babangida regime. And Shehu Sani, the self declared comrade has lived his life scavenging followership from capitalists such as Mal Nasiru.

But aside from left-right policies, perhaps the greatest stumbling block to Mal Nasiru’s return is the sheer number of power brokers that out to get him. The relatively young Governor has made a name for himself ignoring the more burgeose elements of the Kaduna Mafia who’s intelligence he finds hard to appreciate, there’s nothing more insluting in the political landscape of Northern Nigeria than that.

From the Arewa People’s Congress to the Northern Elders Forum, a hude chunk of the Northern political class have turned against Mal Nasiru, a rebellion not even Buhariyya might find easy to put down.

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