We Are Returning to the Ways that created BokoHaram

Another vile audio of a Muslim Imam preaching has gone viral on whatsapp, the audio was reminiscent of the pre-2013 preaching that accompanies most Wahabbi Da’awa. After a crack down on violent preachers around 2013, the SSS managed to silent Salafi sheikhs, who afraid of being called bokoharam, adopted a much more conciliatory tone to their bashing of other sects and religions.

But the two years of relative quiet, thanks to the Buhari administration seems to be changing that. No longer the enemy we have to confront each morning we venture outside, the Wahhabi shiekhs are returning to their vile ways on violence preaching and terror idolizing.

In the now viral audio, a shriek who seemed to be preaching at a market square in Katsina, spared no one from his barage of insults. From Buhari to Massari, the malam using the clout of religion, was bale to rain insults on people who are all but demigods in the eyes of most northerners. So why?

Despite going through hell, Northern Nigeria has not confronted the demons that created Bokoharam. The mosques that issued the fatawas, the sheikhs that did the preaching, are all standing tall and well, able to do as they wish with the slightly diminished voice that brought hell on earth upon us. Even seemingly ordinary platforms, like Arewa 23 which was created t combat violent extremism is granting audience to hate preaching shiekhs who think its ok to kill apostates. Such tolerance for hate about sums up the lessons we learnt from BokoHaram



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