Sarki Ya Kwance Giwa- Why Shahida Should Take Up Sanusi’s Activism

They came for his integrity so he unleashed the Elephant Calf!

Nursing elephants are known for jealously guarding their babies, the strength with which they protect their herd is the reason why “Giwa”, or elephant became a title used by the princesses of Kano. It symbolises that motherly strength.

In the week since he condemned the Zamfara state Governor for blaming fornicators for the Meningitis outbreak, the Emir of Kano has suffered from a well funded Social Media campaign.   Journalists linked to the State Governments have been used to assault his character, accusing him of embezzlement, adultery, squandering public funds and even converting from Islam. There’s no denying that some sort of State actor is behind these campaigns,  they’ve even uncovered videos of long discredited extremist scholars all in an effort to stain his character.

But this afternoon, in one fell swoop, the Emir, or rather his daughter turned the tide in this social media war.

Some analysts have raised parallels between Shahida and Zahra Buhari. In both cases, they came in an opportune moment to capture the psyche of the nation. But where Zahra Buhari was made famous by a barrage of Model style photos, Shahida Lamido won our hearts with her wits. It was the way in which she spoke with the confidence of a “Giwa”, the strength with which she spoke for the truth, just like a “Giwa”, and the sharpness of her resolve, which eventually won many over.

All Stats point to a positive reception for Shahida Lamido

An hour after her speech “the Emir of Kano” and “Shahida Lamido” both began trending on twitter. No doubt, by tomorrow Facebook stats will go through the roof. All these point to one simple truth- Shahida Lamido might be better suited to take up the reformist cause. With her now strong backing from North, South, East and West, she will be impervious to the disgraceful campaigns they had erstwhile used against the Emir. and maybe in a few months or years, Giwa might just emerge as the woman who saved Timbin Giwa


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