Saudi Arabia Vs Vatican- Was Melania Trump deliberately being disrespectful?

“Balarabe Bashi Da Zuciya”

Conservatives are taking to social media to bash Melania Trump for delibrately “disrespecting” islam while “respecting” the vatican. to make home their point, they’ve been sharing pictures of the Trumps Saudi visit side by side with their Vatican visit.

The picture below showing Mrs Trumps Saudi visit without head covering side by side with the one from the vatican which showed the US first lady covered in a traditional headscarf, has been trending in facebook groups.

But there’s one problem with the picture, the Trumps didn’t visit masjidal haram or some mosque, they visited Saudi Arabia. It seems many people in the Sahel are conflating Saudi Arabia (the country) with the Grand mosque of Mecca (the actual muslim sanctuary

This picture has been trending in facebook groups

More pics from the Trumps Vatican visit:

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