Saudi Dates- Woman Defends Sadiya Farouq

A friend of NCFRMI’s Sadiya arouq who has been accused of diverting Saudi Aid meant for IDPs has come to the defence of her friend.

Hasiya Ahamd who claimed be a childhood friend of Ms farouq penned this touching essay which has been gaining traction on social media:


Don’t know where to start! It’s amazing how we rush to judgment over issues we have no clue about! You must be wondering what am talking about…. well it’s about the date saga! It’s quite upsetting to hear that aid meant for the less privilege is diverted but frankly I was not convinced that the person accused of this heinous crime is capable of enriching herself using dates meant for the poor in Nigeria! This is because the person in question is a childhood friend, we grew up together and have maintained friendship over al this year’s- meaning 40years or more! But I am not defending her based just of my knowledge of her person but because as a rational human being I can not imagine anyone can be so callous! I did not comment because even though I was not aware of who was involved at first I decide to do a bit of investigation and these are my findings!
1. The Saudi Arabian Government was not forthright with its information! The government of Saudi actually shared some of this dates to some government parastatals!For instance it gave Ministry of Foreign Affairs 150 cartons! They also send some to the villa! And of course to others and these are verifiable facts!
2. The dates were shared amongst people in the IDPs as well as those that live within communities that don’t have IDP camps!
3. In truth beneficiaries of the dates did sell the dates and it makes sense! You give me a carton of date and I don’t have food so I will sell some and take care of my other needs! There absolutely nothing wrong with a person given a carton of dates selling some of it as he/she alone cannot finish the whole of it!
4. Regarding Sadiya’s political ambition, what is wrong with her nursing it assuming it’s true? Is she not qualified or is she not entitled? It’s wicked and shameful that someone will say that she is selling the dates to fund her political ambition! It’s on record that Sadiya has been in politics since 2003 and has held various positions in her political party including treasurer of APC and no one has ever accused her of diverting monies which probably is why she was found worthy of that position! In fact she did contest for house of reps at the primary level immediately after leaving the office of the treasurer if she is so dispose to stealing why didn’t she steal the APC money then to fund her campaign!
5. Again, one has to also look at where the story is coming from, obviously her family are in contest over a certain traditional title with the current holder and he is behind all this in order to discredit the family! This is cheap and unbecoming of a royal father!
6. In addition certain staff booted out of the agency are aggrieved as the source of easy money has been curtailed! They were found wanting and sacked so they are resorting to cheap blackmail!
I can say more but let me pause here! I urge all those who are involved to be mindful that dragging someone down will not make them attain her position! Hassada, according to Hausa proverb, ga Mai Rabo taki! And He who Allah has elevated no human being can bring down! Let us be wise in accepting as gospel of truth whatever we read I social media!


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