Saving A Monstrosity- Kano Commissions Kaltume Gana to Save Golden Jubilee Monuments

After one of the most disastrous attempts of reviving Hausa monumental architecture, the Kano State Government has commissioned veteran artist Kaltume Gana to put in her artistic touch in order to save the widely condemned golden jubilee square monument.

But unlike a serious venture at the reimagining the disaster, the new work on the monument was exclusively superficial, with Kaltume’s team adding plastic paint over the paper-mache looking concrete foam building. A plaque has also been added beneath the straddled gate with Gana’s insignia.


“It’s a really dumb attempt at hiding a failure” Hassan Mukhtar an achitect told KnottedTabs. “one would think that they will embark on a much more serious attempt at looking at the whole thing instead they just made it worse” he added.

“I wonder what adding mat paint over water-soluble screeding would do?” Maryam Maiturare an art student in Kano told us. “it will probably wash off in this year’s rain, the whole thing is not monumental, the people of Kano will have to be spending millions every year just to maintain the waste” she added.

In an attempt to leave a mark that was supposed to rival the iconic silver jubilee square, the Kano State government has seemingly bitten more than it can chew, leaving the people of Kano to stomach the decrepit looking structure that one analyst claimed “resembles more a loaf of bread than a building”

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