Shifting From N6Bn to N37Mn- How “Jafarites” are Following an Ancient Script

We actually predicted this!

Check out our article: Why The Emir of Kano Must Not Respond To Jafar Jaar’s allegations. While a lot of his friends like Kperogi and Kakanda were coming with that side wink of “the Emirate should open up”, we saw through the pathetic strategy being used by the hidden state actor which was taking on the reformist Emir.

Now, following the ancient Machiavellian script, these conservatives have shifted from the quack N6Bn they invented to the 37 million naira the Emirate told them about. Again, they are calling it “a waste”, “money spent on phone calls” while conveniently omitting to tell us how the money also included the 3 year running broadband services that were offered to the whole of Gidan Rumfa and some other offices of the Emirate.

It’s actually a very old and not so ingenious strategy they are employing. Basically, they attack you with so much lies, accusations, invent false details, details intricate enough to raise the brows of any sensible human being. This forces an adversary to take the side-walk in order to save his reputation, they then pick out one thing (N37Mn) out of the gulp he spills (Walin Kano Interview) and focus all their attention on it.

While the Emir of Kano was smart enough to heed to our advise the conservatives forced the Emirates hands with that “petition” written to Rimin Gado’s commission. Hausa Facebook groups have been lit by obviously sponsored campaigners posting messages about this supposed waste of 37 million naira. Of course, if you are a gullible average person taking heat from the current Nigerian recession you will forget to ask them about the 6 billion Naira they had invented just two weeks ago. Despite it being more than 24hrs since Walin Kano debunked their false accusations, we are yet to receive any more of the “morsels” (proofs) they’ve promised us.

But we shouldn’t try to defend the Emirate because there is no defending against a short-sighted conservative who’s willing to do anything  to send an entire people back on the path of retrogression. They will invent crimes where they do not exist and deny their own questionable links even when they are all but apparent. And they will probably claim to have returned envelopes, even when we know it’s hardly the dolly (sic) Nigerian way.

Walin Kano responding to the allegations. The conservatives are now clamping down on carefully selected “details” from the Emirate’s response 



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