So Northerners “Never Invest Outside of the North”- Biafran Propaganda Video

Apparently, all that Aliko Dangote has invested in Lagos and Ogun doesn’t count, cause according to Chukwudi Utum, whose latest propaganda video has gone viral

“the only thing a northerner has out side of the North are his sleeping mat and his kettle”

Mr Utum’s video is part of a new strategy by Biafran secessionist aimed at using everyday people who start off with an initial claim to know the North and then proceed to condemn it.

Utum, who claimed to have lived in sokoto even made the outrageous claim that Northerners discriminate against the Igbo on the basis of “Skin Colour”- as if that’s a thing.

Of course,Utum conveniently decided to omit the fact that since 2004, Northern settlers in the South East have been making official complaints against the state sponsored discrimination that prevents them from owning landed property in the East. Last year, Northern Medical doctors claimed that they were prevented from renting several apartments at Enugu because they were Northerners.

If anything, the manner in which Igbos and other Southerners are allowed to invest in Northern cities is a testament to the openness of the North

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