Someone just threatened the North with Chemical and Biological weapons why is the Southern Press silent?

-Jerimaih Haruna

When a dumb music came out, Sahara reporters, Vanguard, the Sun went right on it, devouring the story with analysts, oped and a coverage that reminds one of CNN in th WoT era. When some unknown attention seekers issued a wild declaration they are at it, Sahara even twisted it, calling iot a declaration of war. But this week, Adeyinka Godson, a unapologetric tribalist released a video message to his terror affiliate in which he threatened to “poison” the air of “the north with biological weapons and poison the water of the north with chemical weapons” So why is the southern media suddenly letting this one slide?

So far, the people who’d managed to report are tabloid blogs, not even the big ones like linda ikeji of laila ijeoma have found it worth their time, why?

This is part of the double standard of supposedly mainstream media houses. Away from the hunger for clicks and paper sales, the editors of these organisations have imposed a tribalistic and regional editorial standard that tries as much as possible to protect the victimhood narrative of the south.

When a sick Buhari travelled out of teh country allowing Emefile to spray some dollars on corrupt BDCs, the Dollar naturally dropped against the Naira, Ben Bruce and these media houses pounced on it, declaring Osinbajo teh messiah of the APC, now fast forward to August, under teh messiah, a resurgent Boko Haram¬†had been kidnapping and seizing territory and the nation is simply drifting along, guess what, now they suddenly think it’s because Buhari has refused to resign. Forget about the miracle he’d worked a few months ago, his capacity as commander-in-chief has within 3 months suddenly been diminished and he can no longer “move the country forward”. How convenient! Sahara Reporters even shamelessly went about covering a 20 man protest as a mega protest and Adeola, far from keeping it real was trying to keep it funny.

For too long the south’s media strategy of bullying other people intro submission has been the thorn in our democracy. With social media becoming the new mainstream, maybe its time we say to hell with them!

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