SR Phone Call: Who betrayed Mamman Daura- Our Security Analysts tell us

Sahara Reporters has done it again! Sowore who finally cemented his place in history as the greatest thorn on the side of Nigeria’s governments since 1999. His latest project- exposing the man he once claimed was the “man in charge of Nigeria”.

Mamman Daura, the elderly man who never speaks but never leaves the side of the President has undoubtedly made so many enemies. There’s probably no shortage of back stabbers within his circles either, but who really betrayed Mr Daura? Who was bold enough to make a recording of him referring to the first lady as a “suicide bomber”?

“Well, it was definitely not Mahmud Tukur, on that I’m sure” our resident cyber security expert tells us. Mahmud Tukur is purportedly the man on the side of line.

“If you closely listen to the tape you will see that it was the person that was purportedly Mamman Daura that initiated the call, you could hear Mahmud Tukur picking up and saying Assalmu Alaikum” our cyber security expert Mr Abdullahi added.

So who actually made the recording?

“My guess is that Mamman Daura made the fatal error of initiating the call at a diplomatic building, possibly Abuja House in London. Such buildings are known to be places rigged with NIA surveillance equipments. I suspect that the person who leaked the recording is someone invested in the NIA investigations, possibly someone who wants to embarrass Mr Daura. The noise level in the recordings also indicate that the call from Mr Daura’s side was probably on a consumer grade speaker phone, this might suggest it might have been made through the local switchboard of whatever diplomatic building he was in”

So there you have it. It turns out that an error in judgement might have been the real enemy of Mamman Daura. Safe within London, he might have dropped his guard thinking all the people their were friends. But if there’s anything a presidential adviser should be certain of it’s that no one is your friend.

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