Stop Telling Me To Support Rahama- Nafisa Abdullahi Snaps

Not Cool Nafisa!

You know what they say about there beng a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women, well Nafisa Abdullahi is about to fit the take!

No love lost, Is there some bad blood between Nafisa and Rahama?

the actress snapped on her Instagram page telling her fans to stop telling her to support her colleague. the actress went as far as citing her own debacle long ago when fundamentalists attacked her for wearing a mini skirt.

While others like Dija have chipped in, Nafisa Abdullahi is telling fans to count her out

While other actresses like Hadiza Blell (Dija) and even the author of the video ClassiQ have shown remorse and have offered support to Rahama, Nafisa seems to be enjoying the wild takeout, she even wrongly accused ClassiQ of not showing any support for Rahama, forgetting the BBC interview he gave!

Not cool Nafisa! She wrongly accused ClassiQ of not showing support for Rahama
Go tell MOPAN not me, Nafisa seems to be saying

The ClassiQ video debacle seems to exposing wide cavities in the once burgeoning cinema of Arewa!

All In- Aprodija is with Rahama


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