Thats A Pure LIE! Rahama Sadau fires back at Ibrahim Sheme

Rahma Sadau is not taking to kindly to Ibrahim Sheme’s mujallar FIM writing stuff about her, this time the actress went on his instagram page – hollywood style- and called his a liar.

Rahamma was aparently mad a story which claimed she was attacked at Katsina, so yeah, “where do you get your stories from Sheme???”

their confrontation below:

  • rahamasadauThat’s a pure LIE!!!!!!!!

  • ibrahimshemeReally? @rahamasadau

  • rahamasadau@ibrahimsheme yes!!

  • rahamasadauWhere are you guys getting such news from??? @ibrahimsheme

  • ibrahimshemeI wonder which story you were referring to, but I guess it’s the one where you were said to have expressed delight at having visited the U.S. We normally don’t engage in such debates, but since you have raised a fundamental question about our credibility and even queried the SOURCE of the story, I will reveal it. The story itself, if you get to read it, is a lengthy one, using many sources. But the actual source of your quote is the celebrity website, The website, which quoted you a day after you landed in the U.S. clearly mentioned that they spoke with you. We only translated what they reported you told them, which was a definite delight over your visit and the way you were received by Akon and Co. @rahamasadau


  • ibrahimshemeHERE IS WHAT THE WEBSITE WROTE, AND HERE IS THE WEB LINK FOR YOU TO GO AND VERIFY IT YOURSELF: Source: SadauActress honours Akon, Jeta Amata’s invitation, arrives HollywoodBy Chidumga Izuzu | 08:41 | 29.10.2016Rahama Sadau is currently in Los Angeles to observe the making of Akon and Jeta Amata’s new film “The American King.” The actress is currently in Los Angeles to observe the making of Akon and Jeta Amata’s new film “The American King”, which will also take them to Nigeria, Sengal and South Africa in December.It’s not clear how long Rahama will stay in Los Angeles, but when Pulse Nigeria reached out to her, she said, “I was welcomed with such warmth and incredible hospitality. I have only been here a few days but I have already learned so much from these amazing people.” “They are truly talented individuals with a wealth of experience and a great passion for what they do. I am looking forward to all the other amazing things in store for me over the coming days,” she added.The actress is pictured alongside Nse Ikpe Etim, Miguel Nunez Jr, Eyinna Nwigwe and other cast and crew from the set. @rahamasadau

  • rahamasadauI’m talking about the Katsina article……. @ibrahimsheme

  • ibrahimshemeHahahahaha! To kuma nan mu ka dawo? Shi ma a ba ki web link kenan? Well, I want to know if you have read that one too or if you’re acting on the headline only. Otherwise it is fruitless engaging you on that one as well. The only thing I will say (before you read it) is that the story is factual. Now can I go and catch some sleep? @rahamasadau




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