The Disgraceful Da’awah of Ganduje’s Kano

Last Sunday, the Kano State government gave us a grotesque picture of just ho far its willing to go to in order to ensure the Islamization of the state. Why do I say this? because it paraded over 80 animists from the southern local area of Sumaila who it claimed had been saved by its “committee of Da’awa”.


I suppose it shouldn’t surprise us, the state has all but chosen Islam as its official religion, everything from its Hisbah Command to its govt sponsored Islamic marriages says so, but even for a god infatuated Northern Nigeria, the actions of Ganduje’s Kano are more than disturbing. ¬†Ganduje has been portraying himself an Islamic proselyte since the first round of the Kwankwaso administration in Kano, but he’d erstwhile confined his Islamization campaigns to his Ganduje foundation which sponsors Quranic recitation competitions and even better, some medical outreach programmes. But on sunday, we saw a governor who had used state funds and resources to cut the size of the already shrinking population of Kano’s Hausa Animists.

This campaign against animism is the now the third front in the clash between Christianity and Islam in the North, away from the riots that see them killing each other, the two well-funded Abrahamic doctrines are competing to conquer the last safe zones for traditional Hausa Animist culture. The Christians through their extremist pentecostal groups visits animist villages with rags and soap pretending to “civilize” them and the Muslims not content with dominating the North for a thousand years, are now springing to action and doing same.

BokoHaram should have been a wake up call for the Northern Governments who had once harboured grandeur religious ambitions, it should have been a warning to all of us that the North can only survive if we adhere to a strict separation of the Mosque-Church and state.



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