The Kano Emirate is Larger Than a State Government!

It takes alot of prudence spending just 3.4 Billion Naira in 3 years

If you are one of those thinking how an Emirate can explain spending N3.4Bn in 3 years, then you need to wrap your head around one simple fact- The Kano Emirate is larger than the Kano State Government, and Kano is administratively (and population wise) the largest state in Nigeria.

Unlike the typical state govt which operates the state machinery at the capital and host of  other schools, hospitals and few institues in the rural aresa, a Norhern Nigerian Emirate goes down to Every local government area (District Heads), to every ward (Mai Unguwa) and to every hamlet (Mai gari). Every single human settlement in Kano has at least one official supervising the operations of the Emirate in it, thats how big it actually is.

In 2014, the Emirate has more than  100,000 people working for it in one capacity or the other. Even with the no brainer Land use act, its officials still manage more than 80% of the land in Kano State and preside over more than 300,000 court cases annually and unlike the “official” courts, these trails don’t take 2 decades to complete!

The Administrative Machinery of the Kano Emirate is larger than that of the Kano State Government

The Emirate also lends a hand to numerous security outfits which need it to clear the identity of individuals and for guidance along the many un motorable settlements in Kano. Its oficials take millions of vaccine to millions of people all over urban and rural Kano. They manage hundreds of Zawiyas and dispensaries, providing health care to the people which many successive state gpvernments have forgotten of.

So next time someone tells you N3.4Bn is too much, ask him how much any Nigerian state has spent on salary in the last 3 years!


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