The School Must Be Held Liable- Girl Commits Suicide in Plateau After Being Beaten for Confessing Affection for her Teacher

Young Basma, a 13 year old secondary school student in the Town of Mista Ali in Plateau state has taken her life.

Reports indicate that Basma had fallen in love with a teacher whose identity is still being concealed, at somepoint, Basma wrote a letter to this teacher confessing her affections for him. The unnamed teahcer reportedly dismissed the letter as a small girl’s crush until he received another letter a few weeks later. In the second letter, Basma was said to have demanded that they “make love”, a suggestion that rightly raised alarm bells.

Rightly, the teacher promptly reported the matter to the school’s principal and thats where things got nasty. The Principal, in a display of irresponsibility and sadism decided to summon an assembly where he called upon young Basma to read her letter out loud to her school mates, when she couldn’t, he the teacher was asked to read the letter out loud and then proceeded to flog young Basma. She was then suspended and asked to come along with her father the following day.

The humiliation too great, and having absolutely no inkling on how she could approach her parents, young Basma proceeded to commit suicide by drinking rat poison.

From all indications, the educational authorities in the plateau have no intention to sanction this teacher or the reprehensible principal that tortured and humiliated young Basma. These testosterone infused men knew quite well that humiliating her would likely push her down the slope of everlasting self pity, but the did it anyway. They were more concerned with projecting a moral image than protecting a young adolescent girl who probably had no idea to handle the first crush in her life.



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