The Sultan’s Mansion

-Ridwan Habib Birnin Kebbi

A two million dollar mansion for his eminence was all it took to break the internet, naturally, when something crazy happens in northern Nigeria you see a flood of wows, butting in from our beach going friends in Lagos- infact, it’s the only time those people admit to being in the same universe as us, in all other time, they lagosians live in cosmic harmony, isolated from the wreck that is Nigeria.

Seeing as we are cultured enough to not go into an us vs them fight, and knowing full well that they butting in is actually a plus to our social evolution, i will try to not be regionalist this time. So, the Sultan does deserve that Abuja home- so long as we admit that it’s the capital of Nigeria and perhaps the capital of a future Northern Nigerian republic. Unlike those who had never had anything worth while to say about their own ancient institutions, life in dysfunctional Nigeria has taught us to cherish our own institutions. The only time things ever worked was when the Sultan, and the Queen and the Emirs were in charge, when they were given the respect they deserved and when they, together with the educated elite of north, kept in check those backward looking, 10th century dreamers in check.

So kudos to Governor tambuwal and Allah ya ja zamanin mai Alfarma!

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