Unhealthy Journalism- The Competition between BBC Hausa and VOA Hausa is trumping ethics

Journalism in the time of Donald Trump was bound to face some hurdles, but when journalsists begin to deliberately mislead their aundience then its competition too far.

It all began with America’s muslim travel ban. VOA hausa simply pretended like it never happened, choosing to focus our attention on an old cache of Bokoharam footage. The BBC however did the opposite, it went through the crisis like it was Aisha Buhari’s interview 2.0, capitalising on sentiments and feeding into the Trump America narrative.

This time around, its even more interesting. Both America and the UK have banned electronic devices ib flights from muslim countries but both the BBC and VOA are putting a little spin to the story.

Britain to Ban Laptops from all flights- VOA going for some pay back

With the VOA, there’s no question that they are out for blood. When it came to america their headline read “Why America Banned Devices in Flights” , but wasn’so subtle when it went with “Britain bans Laptops from flights.”

Why America is Banning “large” electronics from “some” flights. The VOA headline did all it could not to feed growing anti american sentiments

The BBC expressed even less decorum, probabaly reveling in the ratings that come with attacking Trump’ America, they never thought their own govt would take a similat step when they went with “America Bans Electronic devices from 8 mid-eastern countries”, another way of saying America bans devices from muslim countries. 

Reveling in Anti Americanism- the BBC went straight for the ratings.

However, since UKs own ban was announced, the BBC has been unusually silent, choosing to pretend like it didnt happen, pretty much like the VOA did with Americas own muslim ban

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