Was Kano Not the Hot Bed of Progressive Politics?- Farouk BB Farouk supports Sarkin Kano MSII

Farouk Bibi Farouk knows what he’s talking about. His late father was in the middle of the fight that abolished Jangali and Haraji.

The former commissioner wrote:

I don’t know wether it’s an irony typical of Kanon Dabo. I listened to what the Emir said in Kaduna and could not help juxtaposition it with with much of what I grew up knowing about the radical political opinions of our political fathers and grandparents and wonder.

Is it not the Kano that has stood tall as the radical hotbed of progressive political positions in the colonial and post colonial era on the very subjects that SLS posits these very days. Was Mallam Aminu Kano not the first champion of women emancipation? Was NEPU not the the most self critical political movement ever established in Nigeria political history?

I listen to Emir MS2 and by God the voices of Mallam Aminu, Mallam Saad Zungur, Mallam Raji Abdallah, Tanko Yakasai and Magaji Dambatta continue to resonate. The messages are so clearly the same. The  irony is while grandparents of Emir MS2 are recorded to have brutally suppressed the expression of these opinions and concerns by our parents, MS2 today stands with all the authority of the same ruling houses that we were trained to despise for their backward conservative and sometimes brutal repression and tell us what Mallam Aminu fought for, for the women or what Mallam Zungur so eloquently described of, of the North.

The Late Alhaji Ibrahim Bibi Farouk

It is sadly ironic that it is Ganduje’s government, a government that was elected on the principles of NEPU as evolved through the Kwankwassiyya movement that takes offense when The Emir of Kano speaks like Aminu Kano!!

Wonder what the Late Emir Muhammad Sunusi 1 and Late Mallam Aminu Kano would be discussing about the irony of Kano tonight in heaven. Kano, KO DAME KAZO AN FIKA!!!

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