We Know you gave them something, Tell us what it is

From Punch to Vanguard to PT, even amateur sites on facebook are rife with speculations as to what the Feds actually gave up in order to bring back those girls.

Did they gave them anything that would endanger the troops fighting in Borno? was the deal responsible for the recent upsurge in attacks that saw brave commanders like Abu Ali paying the supreme price?

The people in PMBs kitchen cabinet are not helping anyone by fueling these speculations with their unruly silence, the best we’ve heard so far are denials that weapons were given or that $50M were given. Some senators that clearly take lax their privilege intel credentials have even gone on the record to say that while money was paid, its actually “way less” than the $50m being pelted around.

Nigerians trusted PMB not so he can treat them like children who need protection from the truth, he needs to trust that we can handle the bitter pill or else the wailling will continuen

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