We will demand to be on our own- Archbishop of Enugu

The Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma has called for the arrest of the signatories of the Kaduna Declaration.
While he subtly  berated pro-Biafra agitators over the recently held sit at home to mark Biafra day, urging them to look for other ways of carrying out their agitation, rather than a sit at home.

He wrongly called the Kaduna Declaration a “quit order” and even went as far as claiming that it was “ worst than what Kanu was being persecuted for.

“We, however, warn that we will not tolerate what happened in 1966 to reoccur or else this country will be in total disarray.

“We are warning that our Igbo should be allowed to do their business anywhere, as others, and if the situation becomes unbearable for them, they should come back, but we will demand for referendum for us to be on our own,” he stated.

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