Whats Off About Jaafar Jaafar’s “Morsels”

What’s more disgraceful? The fact that he gave a list or the fact that he turned that list into a paper printout, snapped it with a techno and uploaded it unto facebook?

Apparently, Jaafar Jaafar doesn’t know what a certified true copy is.

The Journalist who’d been at loggerheads with the reformist Emir of Kano has just released what he called “Some morsels from DAILY NIGERIAN kitchenette” (sic)

What Mr Jaafar fails to understand is that what he released is just another bitter gaucherie. If Mr Jafaar was hoping to convince us that what he had was the Council’s account statements then maybe he should have shown us the missing seal all true account statements carry in Nigeria.

A Certified Account Statement in Nigeria- Notice the Stamp

This further confirms speculations that the journalist was served with a paper weight load of disproof, perhaps together with that N200,000 he claimed to have “returned”

Despite calls to focus on the serious issues raised by the Emir of Kano, a well funded conservatively inclined State Actor had taken it upon itself to scuttle the reform efforts of the Kano Emirate. And by desire or naivety Mr Jafar is using his daily Nigerian as a willing tool to undermine these urgently needed reforms.

I just wish somebody would listen


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