Where is her Hijab? Why Dont you Lower Your Gaze- Extremists Come for the Emir’s Daughter

There’s no relenting in the criticism of the Emir of Kano who has been calling for some radical social reforms in Northern Nigeria.

After a wave of criticism that saw some people within the ruling APC calling for his removal, he chose to abstain from attending the Chibok Memorial lecture, instead, in a sharp break with tradition he sent his daughter Gimbiya Shahida Lamido. Her attendance in his stead was presumably suppose to calm the nerves of his detractors and allow them to focus on the main issue at hand- the suffering of young girls in Northern Nigeria.

But this was not to be as extremists soon found it better to criticise the dress code of the young princess

“where is her hijab as muslimah” one person said on instagram.

“isn’t she suppose to cover her self?” another asked.

It seems the Emir is finding it ever harder to get his people to focus on his messages. Right wing groups have choose to focus on his marital history and now the dress choice of his representative. Of course they’ve forgotten about the rest of the Islamic injunction – “Lower your gaze”


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