Which Nigerian Hospital was good enough or Isha Sesay’s mum?

Isha Sesay, the CNN anchor casued a twitter storm after she thank Nigerian doctors for saving her mum’s life. “When my mother took ill in Sierra Leone last Dec I had to take her to Nigeria. ” she said causing her Nigerian followers to wonder which Nigerian hospital could possibly be good enough for the mother of Isha Sesay?

Well, no one should blame a Nigerian, after all, those of us that can’t afford Germany would rather go to Dubai or Egypt to die, all thanks to our inefficient health care system.

But it turns out, some Nigerian hospitals are actually better what other African countries are used to. Ms Sesay actually took her mother to Apapa’s Lagoon Hospital.

Lagoon Hospital Apapa

Built by the Hygeia group in the 1980s, its been one of the hospitals of choice for rich expatriates. But before you go recommending any of those Lagos hospitals to your loved ones you should know a few things. Lagoon had its first open heart surgery in 2015 and it was a “big thing”. Like most Lagos hospitals, the exorbitant consultancy fees will probably do little beyond giving you emergency treatment. So better keep your retainership of Saudi German.

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