Who is afraid of a Farar Macce

-Nafi Abdu-Yola

The sermon of a certain Wahhabi preacher (supposedly from Kano) has flooded social media. The sheikh s this time around are sending a word of caution to their flock that they should stay away from those “fair women of ill repute”.

Well, I suppose given that the Kanawa are known for their obsession with a fara macce, it shouldn’t be surprising that at some point, one of those salafi maniacs will decide to issue a fatwa depriving the Alhaji’s of their 6PM pleasure. But what the sheikhs fail to understand is this: it’s not our fault that we are fararen mata. It’s not our fault that dull alhaji’s from Singa and Kwarri are willing to spend a few hundreds of millions  to make us happy.

Maybe, if the shiekhs in their infinite wisdom hadn’t decided to infuse the sira and hadith with tales of Arab beauty and their locked up women of splendor, the Alhaji wouldn’t try to create his own island of Arab splendor in Kano. Maybe what they need to examine is the story of the houril ain and fair faces and rosy cheeks. Maybe then, they wouldn’t have to worry about fararen mata stealing the show and of course, thereby reducing the benefaction for that Jummat mosque project…. or the hotel!

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