Who is resisting Sex Education in the North Central?

The outcome of a new study is putting religious bodies and teachers on the spot for not being pro-active enough to ensure the sexual or reproductive health of children.

Almost three out of every 10 teenagers interviewed said they were sexually active, majority of whom were males.

Respondents said the current sexuality education curriculum is “highly moralistic” and fear-based as it only preaches abstinence.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) defines child sexuality education as one that aims to equip children and young people with information, skills, attitudes and values that will enable them to develop a positive view of their sexuality, in the context of their emotional and social development. It can be done in or out of school.

The education not only covers the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but also sexual anatomy and physiology; reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth; HIV/Aids; family life and interpersonal relationships; and culture and sexuality.

Respondents in the survey suggested that although parents expect them to learn some sexuality education in school, teachers on the other hand expect parents to provide this information at home.

Fewer than 10 percent of teachers showed contraceptive methods to their students, and only 27 percent of these had explained the proper way to use a condom.

This probably explains why the Aids pandemic had been particularly harsh in the some states like Benue and why teenage pregnancy is rising by the day. Parents, schools and religious institutions are ignoring reality and instead sticking to puritan doctrines that only make the situation worse


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