Why Are Northern Girls Angry with Ahmed Musa’s Calabar Girl

“Home Breaker”

“Allah Sa Ta Chinye Ma Kudi”

As pictures of the court wedding between Ahmed Musa and his Calabar Girl began trickling in, Northern girls took to social media with some pretty racists rants. It’s perhaps difficult for the average male to understand, but Juliet represents the worst nightmare of every Northern Nigerian girl turned into flesh and blood.

“Malo Girls can not do it” is a phrase popular with most of the Southern Girls who stream into Abuja hoping to get their hands on an “Alhaji”, married or not, no problem, because in their minds, they could use their experience and slutty attitude to snatch him from any northern girl his parents might have “arranged” for him.

But some of you might ask, why would a whole society of women choose to vent on this one person? isn’t he an isolated case? No! In he 1980s a popular Alhaji in Kano, pretty much like Ahmed Musa decided to divorce his two wives and replace them with two Chadian shuwa brides, in no time, homes in the North were wreaked from head to toe with a Shuwa pandemic,  rich men, young men, every eligible, marriageable man out there wanted to get himself a Shuwa bride. You had to bleach your face into a shuwa to get a man.

Ahmed Musa with his fame and money is a dark reminder of those days. To Northern girls, he might as well be using his fame to bring about a sourthern-bride era into fashion. And the fact it was a court wedding was also no consolation, how many Arewa house wives would have to lose their husband’s income to a court-wedding-divorce if these Alhaji’s choose to go Ahmed’s way? Most the girls trolling his pages are very much aware of what Juliet could represent- A Calabar Pandemic

Pics form Ahmed Musa’s Wedding


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