Why Jafar Jafar is wrong about the Kano Emirate, Again- He has Released Another Salty Blurb

Someone is leaking documents at the Kano Emirate- that’s if we are to believe the most recent write up of Jafar Jafar.

The veteran journalist is still coming for the Emir of Kano. Not relenting after an earlier OpEd in which he accused the emir of Squandering billions, Jafar has now released what he calls “details” of the supposed transactions that took place since the Emir’s ascension

After releasing a long list of these supposed transactions, he failed or refused to provide the customary evidence in ledgers or the sort, which usually accompany such serious accusations.

But thats not the only thing wrong about Jafar’s rantings. He incorrectly accused the Emir of demolishing Soron Ingila while the reality is that it was renovated. He also came to the defence of his alleged benefactor, the sitting Governor of Kano

While I have my reservations about Ganduje’s light rail project, Emir Sanusi’s conclusion that tens of thousands of enterprising stall owners in Sabon Gari Market, industrious traders of Yankura, dutiful traders at ’Yan Lemo, resilient vendors of Kurmi, venturesome grain dealers of Dawanau, billionaire merchants of Singer and Kantin Kwari Markets are all there to attend “wedding and naming ceremony” is abusive. And I am being charitable

Well being charitable, Mr Jafar was here assuming that those billionaire merchants were in anyway going to use the light rail, or that the multi billion naira project which would likely put a generation into debt has anywhere near the capacity needed to cater for the thousands of traders whose cause he has suddenly decided to champion.

Mr Jafar also accused the Emir of wasting millions on the internet.

“I couldn’t believe when I once heard the emir once spent N7m on Internet in ONE month! Now imagine this: The total amount the emir spent on Airtel from June 29, 2015 to February 9, 2017 is N37,054,192.06.”

Well perhaps we should also be charitable and forgive him here, seeing as the BUK educated journalist somehow expects the Emir to use a 2000 Naira Glo subscription to provide internet services for the whole of Gidan Rumfa. Knottedpost Panorama has since reported on how the Emir was digitizing the Emirate’s archives and providing internet hotspots in the ancient palace, which has hundreds if not thousands of residents.

Jafar also debunked claims that the Emir’s luxury cars were gifts from friends and provided a list alleged payments to southern car dealers, here again the journalist refused to provide ledgers or receipts of any kind. He was probably expecting us to take his word for it. Problem is the dirty game of Nigerian politics has produced many moonlight journalists for us not to take notice. A news organisation which shifted from ethical criticism to unabashed feet holding after its news men had miraculously been granted access to the centre of state power is not a neutral party to this case.

We hope Mr Jafar will take some lessons

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