Why the Emir of Kano Mustn’t Respond to Jafaar Jafaar’s Accusations

When you are a poor man struggling to survive in APC’s Nigeria, you will naturally be alarmed at the billions of Naira mentioned in Jafaar Jafaar’s supposed exposé.

Did the Emir of Kano spend all that money on a vanity trip?

It’s also easy to take the road downhill and call for the Emirate to open up its accounts. But this is all part of the elaborate scheme meant to distract good people from the artificial problems a few have brought upon us. Despite calling him out on the bitter mouthfuls he’d called ‘morsels’, he has provided no evidence what so ever to justify his claims. He has not asked for the Emirate to give account neither has he requested for official documents (which he could have done with the FOI).  Instead, he’s probably used a handout that perhaps came together with that N200,000 he allegedly returned.

Here’s the problem with those calling for the Emirate to account. It belittles everything we are going through in Nigeria. When Elruai asked the NASS to open up, they all but accused him of siphoning funds through security votes and turned the tables asking him to give account of those, he did, and nothing happened! We ended up with a cheap salary slip that were all collected on the day Linda Ikeji published them and everyone just forgot about the story. If the Emir of Kano succumbs to the pressure, they will only succeed in turning the conversation on its head. We will spend the next two years combing through how and why someone didn’t pay Glo N25,000 to provide their infamous broadband service to the whole of Gidan Rumfa.

The Emir of Kano must resist these tricks and keep the conversation alive!

We cannot lose the momentum of reform!


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