Yar Boko Over Yar Addini- Salafi Group Closes after Poll Backfires

A poll by a Salafi youth group has resulted in a disaster after people chose Boko over Islam.

The group: “Rayuwar Samarin Musulmai” was closed by its admins after a disastrous poll following a preaching session. In the poll, the admins asked the groups members who’d contributed to the religious discussion session to outline the advantages of choosing a “pious” wife over a “fashion oriented yar boko for a wife”, but the poll backfired with most people highlighting the advantages of choosing the “fashion oriented yar boko

The group used this picture asking men to comment on the advatages of choosing “a pious wife” over an “yar boko”

As at press time, the group which used to have more that 500 members remains closed with all its contents gone.

With the rise of Hausa Facebook, a number of religious bodies have sought to harness the social media platform in order to reach out to it army of youthful users.

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