Yari reportedly Mobilising Governors Against Sanusi II

The Chair of the Northern Governors forum who achieved infamy after he accused “fornicators” for bringing the meningitis outbreak to his impoverished state had been accused of mobilising some Governors against the Emir of Kano,  with whom they have been at loggerheads.
Jafar Jafar’s Daily Nigerian, an outfit with reported links to the Kano State Government  is reporting that the Governors met on the sidelines of the China-Northern Governors summit.
Although the Gov of Kano was at the summit, there has been no official confirmation of this supposed meeting from his press office.
The secretary of the Kano Emirate has also not confirmed any communication between china and the Emirate.
The Emir invoked the wrath of many neo con elements in the North after he started calling for social reforms in the region.

Northern Nigeria, a region suffering from immense poverty and a burgeoning extremist insurgency is in desperate need of reforms. Politicians and Salafi scholars have been particularly vocal against the reformist Emir with some sponsoring a massive mass media campaign in order to discredit the Emir.

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